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Anti-Aging Treatment Products

Anti aging effect treatment:microdermabrasion is one of the best preventive and corrective treatments for aging skin.With age, the dermis thins out and the corneous layer thickens. Microermabrasion triggers the skin's repair mechanism. The dermis forms new collagen and elastin fibers and becomes thicker and more functional .The corneum is thinned to reveal beautiful glowing skin. Clients will see a general improvement in skin texture with the first treatment ,however a series of 6 to 12 treatments provides optimal skin rejuvenation benefits.

Dermift treatment;almicro currents are used by our body to monitor muscular activity. Good muscular tone depends on the regularity and balance of the body's natural bio electrical activity.The "golgi tendon organ"located in the muscle tendons, monitor these electrical signals.With time muscles become elongated and loose their elasticity. Sagging neck and jowls pleats that form in the neckline are caused by elongated muscles. By directly stimulating the "golgi tendon organ"with micro currents we are able to re establish the natural flow of these currents, re-educate muscles and restore their original length.To obtain the best possible results , it is recommended to combine the effectiveness of microdermabrasion treatments with micro- currents.

Depending on client's age and skin condition and to obtain lsting results ,corrective treatments must be completed.